Getting Ready for Renewal

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This module will help you address practical and necessary concerns to get ready for a time of renewal.  Our adaptable process aided by downloads and tutorials provide self-guided steps to focus your conversations and make decisions – steps to develop awareness, motivation and commitment for a journey to strengthen your church’s ministry and mission.

Your purchase includes two hours remote coaching time with one of our coaches, a media toolkit with items to print and share digitally, and four guided PDFs that lead you through the following steps:

1. It Starts with God's Mission
Many churches today are considering their need for renewal.  What does that mean? And where do we begin?  This resource supports a conversation with leaders in your church grounding renewal efforts in God’s mission.
2. Our Church’s Renewal – Why and What?
Clarifying theological and foundational reasons for renewal leads to future success. This step will help you –
  • Name the compelling reasons why renewal is needed in your church at this time.
  • Focus the goals you have for renewal in your church – what fruits it will bear, and what its benefits will be.
3. Designing the Renewal Journey
The design of the renewal journey is one of the most important decisions to make in getting ready for a time of renewal.  This step will help you –
  • Clarify expectations about what a renewal journey will need to be like in your church
  • Decide what leadership will be needed
  • Consider the importance of and plan for cultivating core faith practices
4. Getting Started on Our Renewal Journey
This step provides practical communication tools for renewal in your congregation. Used alongside the media toolkit, it will build awareness and motivation for renewal.  It will also help you create a plan for communicating with and engaging your congregation. 

    Upon purchase, you will receive a download with the PDFs and media toolkit in a zip file.  You will then be contacted via email with the contact information provided in checkout within three business days by one of our Center coaches.

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