What kind of consulting do you offer?

We are known for personalized consulting that meets the needs of your organization or congregation.  We don't impose our product, but instead walk alongside you to find what God might be calling you to be and do.  

We help with everything from stewardship struggles to team building to staff restructuring.  If it's in your church, we've likely seen it in the last fifty years of our organization.  

It's important to note that we work in person and remotely depending on what best suits the situation.  

Who are your consultants?

Our lead consultant is the managing director of the Center, Ray Schulte.  We are also building a selection of Center trained coaches that may be closer to you geographically.  You can learn more about Ray here.

What makes your bible studies different?

All of our bible studies are written from a missional perspective.  For us, this means studying scripture isn't just an intellectual exercise, but a formational process that aligns us better with God's mission.  Bible study is at the heart of all we do as it is an essential piece of congregational and organizational discernment.  If you'd like to know more about our beliefs about bible study, check out this document here.

I'd like to learn more.  Who do I talk to?

You can email Ray Schulte at ray@missionalchurch.org.  For more information about the store or online resources, you can also email Rachel McDonald at communication@missionalchurch.org.