A Systems Model of the Church in Ministry and Mission

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This conceptual model of the church, one of a series of resources from the Center for Parish Development, is designed to help church bodies learn to participate more faithfully in God’s mission (missio Dei). The Systems Model of the Church has evolved out of the Center’s work with congregations, theological seminaries, regional and national church organizations of many different traditions. It is a diagnostic resource for use by church leaders who are attempting to lead their church organizations out of the grasp of Christendom into a new shape as a missional church for this new era in the history of the church. Its purpose is to provide (1) a conceptual tool to help key church leaders think afresh about the church as a complex social system, (2) a guide for understanding the complex process of transformation which is required by this profound class of change, and (3) a practical resource for church leaders engaging specifically in the process of missional church transformation.

This digital PDF provides 50 pages of research and study to help you think critically and thoughtfully.  Contact Ray Schulte (ray@missionalchurch.org) with any questions.