People of Salt and Light

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A People of Salt and Light is a set of practical Bible study resources for a congregation to deepen its vision of God’s calling.  

This four session formational experience will enable your congregation to –

  • Discover Jesus’ vision of community
  • Share and test their own vision of their church’s future
  • Renew their understanding and experience of what it means to be the church

This is what you’ll get:

  • A group Bible study process on the Sermon on the Mount
  • Support for the “why Bible study?” conversation
  • Clear objectives, norms and design to adapt for your church
  • Printable participant resource
  • Facilitator’s Guide

Resources will come in a zip file ready to use immediately.  Please select the amount of copies you will be making for an appropriate one-time licensing cost.  This helps us continue to offer affordable resources for all.