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A bible study on becoming a missional people

Missional congregations are called not simply to study Scripture but to be a people whose identity, common life, and shared ministry is shaped by their interaction with the biblical witness to God’s “wonderful deeds.” (I Peter 2:9). This Bible study, Co-Missioned! has been created to help congregations discover through Scripture the Holy Spirit’s power to form their whole community of faith for its witness in the world.

This six-session study covers the following:

1. Co-Missioned!
2. MARK: A Community Proclaiming the Gospel
3. LUKE: The Church as Sign of the Reign of God
4. JOHN: A Sent Community
5. MATTHEW: A Community of Discipleship
6. PAUL: A Community of Reconciliation

This bible study comes in two digital forms.  One is a fully formatted 8.5x11'' PDF ready to print into booklets.  The other is appropriate for creating larger print versions or reading on devices.  Please select the amount of copies you will be making for an appropriate one-time licensing cost.  This helps us continue to offer affordable resources for all.